Background of Adware

Adware or advertising-supported software is usually related to advertising where this software will automatically display advertisements on the computer. It will pop-up on the display screen when user are online or sometimes even when they are not browsing the internet. This software often built into free software which user may download it online and do not realize that they also has downloaded an adware into their devices. Besides that, adware may also come from a software that are created by the software developer who offer the software for “free” until they user pay and register for it. Basically, if the user are using a legal software they should have the software license key. Then only users will have an option to make the advertisements disappear by disabling it using the software license key provided.

Characteristics Adware?

Besides than displaying unwanted advertisements, at some point, adware may become intrusive and may also resembles as spyware because it will collects  all the details about the user’s search history or surfing habits and then use the information to display an advertisements that are related to the users. User may see it on the web browser while they are surfing the internet. Hence, adware also able to redirect the user’s search request on search engine to any advertising websites. This is the way the company or software developer make money by advertising the ads in user’s device as an exchange for the “free” software that they provide.

How Adware attack?

Adware may get into the devices by two main ways which are via freeware of shareware and also through an infected websites that the user visit. Nowadays, some company and software engineer may intentionally implanted adware in the software that they produce. They will insert adware into the application program which will be seen as a legitimate ways for them to gain profit. The profit then will be used to fund the development and distribution of the freeware or shareware application programs that they produce.

Other than that, if user visited to an infected websites for instances they may have clicked on some link that is actually fake that directed them to the infected websites, it will automatically trigger an unauthorized installation of Adware into the computer.If the computer are affected by an adware, the performance of that device will be degraded. Users will have to experience some performance issues such as the search engine may not work properly, the device tend to be slower and also the computer may hang frequently. Besides that, if the computer started to display some pop-up ads in the application or browser, the one that user never saw before and if the homepage at their browser changed unexpectedly they should have known that their computer has been infected by an adware. However, user usually won’t even notice that there are an adware in their computer because there is no trace if any files or new program menu has been installed into their device.