“After all, just one virus on a computer is one to many.”

–   Glenn Turner

What is Virus?

Virus is one of type from in a list of Malware. Virus is a program or code that enter into the computer and run without knowing by the owner of the computer. A virus can replicate itself and harm into the system. A virus will also have some other unpleasant function, but the self-replication and rapid spread are the hallmark of a virus. All virus are made by human.

How a virus spread?

Usually virus are spreading in two methods which is it can copy itself to other machines on the network to where the computer has access.This is actually the most efficient way for the virus to spread. The other method is to read an email book address and spread the email address to everyone.

What the effect of virus?

The effect of virus is it can cause computer or the other machine to reboot. it can reboot repeatly without any know the causes and notification about it.

How the virus attack on computer?

There are many possible way that virus attack. Firstly, a downloadable software/programs. Some downloadable programs are free to download such as (.exe), but it will not be alone. the program will have a virus after the program are run.

Secondly, cracked software are the common factor of virus attack. Most people that downloaded the cracked software are not aware of the side effect if that software are contain virus and it is hard neither detects the virus nor remove it.

Next, a removable devices such as thumbdrive, CD/DVD, hard disk are easily to
effected with virus. For example, user wants to print a document at the printing shop. A thumbdrive plug-in to the laptop/pc, then user realized that some of the files in the thumbdrive created a shortcut but the other files are gone. when the user going back home and scan the thumbdrive, there’s a lot of virus.

The Virus Example

We can’t detect when the threats will come and cannot overstated. Below are a list of virus:-

  • The Sobig Virus

This virus is the most harm virus in 2003. It spreads by utilized of multi-modal approach. In other words, this virus is infect to a new machine. It can copy itself and going to any devices on network and send an email to all your email contact. Once a person opened the email that sent by the virus, not the machine was infected, but the shared drive on the network will infected too.

  • The Bagle Virus

It was released in fourth quarter on 2003. It spreads when an email was send to system administrator that claim that the email account was infected by a virus and it should to open the email with an attachment. Once the attachment was opened, the system will infected. How this virus spreading? Firstly, it copying itself to share folder. Second, it will scan all files in the PC for looking at email addresses. Lastly, it will disable the anti-malware/virus.

  • The Non-Virus Virus

This virus is a writing virus. The hacker will send an email to all the contacts that he has. the email will claims that the anti-virus checker warns that detected new virus. The email have an instruction of how to remove the virus.This virus is not a virus, it will encourage the reader to delete a file that actual the system needed.

  • The Mimail Virus

This virus is aims to collect all email address, hence, it takes all documents in your devices. There are two variation of this virus attack, first, allow one to programmable open and process files and on the computer. Second, the scanning of the document for email addresses.

  • The Sasser Virus

Sasser is combination attack of in that the virus. It copies itself to the directory of Windows as avserve.exe and create a registry key to load as startup.


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