Trojan Horse


“Motherhood is the strangest thing, it can be like being one’s own Trojan horse!”

– Rebecca West

Background Trojan Horse

Trojan horse is a term for a program looks typical but actually has a malicious purpose. The term comes from Greek mythology about Trojan War. A large wooden horse given to the city of Troy as a peace offering. Unknown to the Trojans, the horse was full of Greek warriors, who snuck out of the horse at night, opened the city’s gates to let their fellow soldiers in and then overran the city. Typically, the malicious programming is hidden within an innocent-looking email attachment or free program, such as a game. When the user downloads the Trojan horse, the malware that is hidden inside is also downloaded. Once inside the computing device, the malicious code can execute whatever task the attacker designed it to carry out. Unlike computer viruses and worms, Trojans are not able to self-replicate.

What is Trojan Horse?

A Trojan Horse is a type of virus pretends to be something else. Trojan horse does not spread from one computer to another, but it is dangerous nonetheless. Trojan horse can be installed as a part of the payload of other malware but often installed by user or accidentally. Once activated, Trojan can activated cyber-criminals to steal your data and gain to access to your system. These actions can include deleting data, modifying data, blocking data copying data and disrupting performance of computers.

Characteristic Trojan Horse?

There are many type of Trojan and they share some same characteristic. With this characteristic, they have made people annoyed because they hard to deal with it. Firstly is its concealment. Trojan look similar to remote control but remote control like team viewer is help people and friendly. The Trojan goal is to arrive stole data remote control. Then, secondly is Trojan has strong fraud. Trojan is able to use skill to binding an undisclosed document with a normal document.

Besides, Trojan can open terminal automatically by using server client-server model. And the last one is Trojan has ability to repair itself. If we did not kill every Trojan in our computer, it will recovery and attack computer. It also would immediately finish duplexing backup sets within a period.

How To Tarce Trojan Horse?

Trojan is a reality for every computer user. A virus can be downloaded or can be placed on PC any time without your knowledge. It often spread via email attachment and free games or movie and other. Then, often your computer will always slow down because of burden in the processor. Beware of executable attachment contain .exe, and .bat, you need to pay attention to the files.

How Trojan Horse Attack?

When you download something like, believing it to be a legitimate issues. The Trojan is somehow placed in the zip file, arriving silently, but once it is opened, it carries a very distructive force and dangerous to our devices.

Trojans will install automatically immediately, without you doing anything other than simply viewing the page. Emails looks like the original sent from the sender. But when you click on the link in the newsletter, it will install Trojan immediately once you click the webpage.

Then, Trojan carried program within file download that will allow someone to have total access to your computer. If there no action to be taken to prevent this malware, the Trojan will destroying the computer functionality. It wills able hackers to open backdoors and giving then unlimited access to any file in computer and stole the data access.