How to prevent Spyware ?

* There’s many ways to protect your computer from uninvited software. And prevention is     the best defense. First, protection against spyware should be includes in your security  software. Then, you need to run scans frequently.

* Moreover, you need to be careful of what you download and understand what the program will do. Be careful with free music and video programs.

* Make sure before clicking “I accept/agree” you should read the fine print in licensing agreements and please confirmed that you read the privacy statements too. Look out for reference to data collection and sharing information with third parties.

* Avoid clickable ads.

* Download only from known and trusted sources.

* Beware of ‘free’ anti-spyware tools.

* Surf precisely. Instead of clicking on links on suspicious websites or in emails, use bookmarks or type the web address into your browser.

* Don’t sign in as an administrator because administrators have unrestricted access to the computer and can make system-wide changes. If you accidentally let in spyware while using an administrator account, you can cause the spyware get total access to the system.

* To close a pop-up window safely, click the x in the top right-hand corner of the window. If this doesn’t work, click Alt + F4. Another ways, use the Task Manager, you need to be aware because this method will close all running programs, and probably you might lose what  you are working on along with the pop-up.