How to prevent a virus?

There are many ways to avoid virus such as use anti virus scanner. There are many anti-virus that most widely use such as Kapersky, McAfee, Norton and etc. It will helps user to cleanup the virus in the thumbdrive, hard disk and so on.  Next, if there have an attachment in your email and you are not sure about it, don’t open it. it may contain a virus.Moreover, ignore the ‘security alert’. Microsoft does not send out alerts in this manner.


Virus-Scanning Techniques

There are five ways to prevent of a virus:-

  • Email and Attachment Scanning – This method of scanning is just scan on email and an attachment only.
  • Download Scanning – Download scanning are same like email and attachment scanning but, it just scan for download files only.
  • File Scanning – This file scanning is for to check whether that the file containing the virus.
  • Heuristic Scanning – This scanning used for to determine wheter the file are containing have behavior like a virus.


Rules for Avoiding Viruses

  1. Use virus scanner.
  2. If you’re not sure about of an attachment, please do not open it.
  3. If you want the others to send an attachment, please have a code that to ensure that attachment is from that particular person.
  4. Don’t trust the “security alerts”. The Microsoft does not send out of this manner.