How to prevent?

There is no better way to prevent your devices from Adware or any malware other than to install an antivirus software or anti adware tool. These preventive software will be able to recognize the pattern of Adware or spyware and delete it from the device for good. However, users must make sure that their device is equip with the latest antivirus software and anti adware tool that can cope with the latest trend of attack as well as be able to terminate it from the device. Hence, they also need to remember to do backup for important files before running the application to remove Adware from the device.

Other than that, it is also important to educate user how to prevent unwanted installation that can also prevent the installation of most adware or spyware. First, user need to make sure that the program they want to install do not have adware. They need to check the publisher for the website that they want to download anything from and read the license agreement carefully just to be sure.

Next, user can also install a pop-up blocker so that they will not have the possibility to click on any link that may lead to the unwanted adware or spyware pop-up browser windows. However, if the pop-up browser window still did appear, user must remember to always close the pop-up windows by clicking on the ‘X’ at the top-right corner. They must not even click on any ‘Cancel’ or ‘No’ button because it will proceed to the installation of the adware or spyware onto their computer.

Lastly, if they feel unsure about the source and the publisher of that particular website they must not proceed to install or download anything from that webpage. User also need to remember to turn on the firewall in their computer when using the internet.