How  to prevent worm? There are few basic steps that users should do to protect against most computer worms. First, a computer’s user accounts should be set so that day-to-day use is run as a limited user who cannot automatically install software in the computer and administrative accounts with full installation rights should be used only [...]


How to prevent a virus? There are many ways to avoid virus such as use anti virus scanner. There are many anti-virus that most widely use such as Kapersky, McAfee, Norton and etc. It will helps user to cleanup the virus in the thumbdrive, hard disk and so on.  Next, if there have an attachment in [...]

Trojan Horse

How to prevent Trojan Horse? Trojan may dangerous if we do not take any prevention action to avoid it. There are many ways to prevent Trojan. Firstly, avoid opening any unknown files that attached to incoming email. Those have extension such as .exe, and .bat may contain Trojan virus. Then, you must always maintain up [...]

SQL Injection

How to prevent SQL Injection? SQL Injection countermeasures include : Input type checking – Since the essential problem is that the use introduces malformed input, the programmer filters out characters that can be abused, such as “,”. This is not trivial; recent work has considered the correctness of tools for sanitizing inputs and found that [...]


How to prevent Spyware ? * There’s many ways to protect your computer from uninvited software. And prevention is     the best defense. First, protection against spyware should be includes in your security  software. Then, you need to run scans frequently. * Moreover, you need to be careful of what you download and understand what the [...]